Exhibition Events

Exhibition Events

Our experience in dealing with clients who need exhibition stands allows us to make your exhibition eye catching, smart, professional and highlight the product or service you are advertising.

Your initial aim will be, to grab the attention of the visitors. This is where lighting will play an important role. The lighting equipment we use can be set up to make a bold statement and engage your visitors. We also set up the trussing for light fixtures to be hung from securely. Trussing can be set up to whatever size you require.

Once your visitors have arrived at your exhibition stand, you need to keep them there. The best way to do this, is through the arrangement of presenters on your stand and your audience being able to hear them loud and clear. We can set up lapel microphones to a PA system, to ensure that no one gets frustrated at not being able to hear anything and leaving.

Plasma screens can be set up on your exhibition stand to relay any video footage you want to broadcast to your visitors. These can be set up in multiple areas of your stand.

Banners are an effective tool to create awareness of your brand and product. These can be placed strategically around your stand, so passers by will not miss out on key information. From our experience of working on exhibitions stands, we understand the importance of getting the stand perfect. It is vital not to have too much going on and not too minimalist.

Exhibitions do not always take place indoors. If your exhibition is outdoors power solutions may need to be considered, we can supply power sources to ensure your AV equipment continues to work and showcase your work and messages.

Our technicians are experienced in creating exhibitions which will attract attention and increase your footfall.

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